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Stepping into Manihomestay is like arriving at your own dream abode taking a refreshing break-free from your regular monotonous life. There is nothing like experiencing a slow holiday, sipping drinks in solitude to be just you and take the charm of the slow rustic life and the local culture. It is an accommodation that brings along a delightful twist to rejuvenate you back to life away from the dry and lifeless lifestyle; an experience that unwinds you amidst nature and pampers you with our hospitality that is entirely family friendly.

A home that unfolds a classic mix of Victorian style chalets and architecture with a touch of traditional culture located at a close proximity to the village. Spending a holiday life in the lap of Mother Nature gives you a sensation of comforting warmth and shelter that can never fade your memory of blissful moments like this. That is because, it isn’t simply a home, it’s a home to re- unite, cherish private homely moments to find your happiness come back to life again.

A perfect setting delightfully transformed into an authentic traditional local custom to welcome you home with freshly home cooked meals along with every essential comfort provided by our friendly service. We invite you for a stay to discover the unique blend of sophistication and relaxed natural flavour of homestay where time seems to be ageless.

About Us

The home stay is situated about 7 kms from the railway station. It brings back nostalgic memories of childhood days visiting grand parents in the village. The home is inside a Agraharam so one feels very much at home in a quaint village yet only 3 kms to the town. One can walk around the village to see the goddess temple or the Shiva temple. Cross the road and one can take a dip in the Cauvery river which is an amazing experience. The water is pretty forceful between the month of September and February. It is better to take the home-stay guide with you to the river so you know which part of the river is safe for a dip. One can enjoy the blissful cool clean running water of the river with an amazing view of the Sri Ranganathaswamy gopuram. The food is homely and you get to taste a very authentic South Indian food.

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