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Have you ever experienced this ? Going to visit a place , stay put in hotel . 2 rooms - one for your family ( wife,you,kid ) and another one for parents/in law.
The suffocation you would have experienced is lack of space to roam around, sit together, chat/play together and of course how to give food for kid and for aged people the restuarant food.
Imagine you stay in a house instead of small hotel rooms with space to walk,play , cook your own food and spendng time together with neighbours. Kid will play, jump , roll over. Elders can move freely and you can spend quality time with your spouse by chimming sweet nothing
Experience :-)

This new home brings you standard normal homestay architecture at the idyllic hilltop setting that surrounds a lush area treating you with a magical bird eye view of the whole village right from the hilltop. Spreading a philosophical aroma for writers, artists and poets, this happy home brings you a unique feeling of serenity coupled with small, splendid delightful moments of a true home away from home to ease you up and make you feel more relaxed.

Kambarasmpettai (KPT) is an Ancient Agraharams Village on the banks of River Cauvery. Agraharam is the name given to the Brahmin quarter of a heterogeneous village or to any village inhabited by Brahmins. Agraharams were also known as Chaturvedimangalams in ancient times. The typical layout of an Agraharam and in particular KPT have rows of houses one either side of the road and the temple to the village god at the center thus resembling a garland around the temple.
In those olden days the architecture and town planning of an agraharam was designed in such a way that at one end of the village will be the Lord Shiva temple and the other end a Vishu Temple. KPT is no exception to that. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and Vishnu on either side and is maintained by the village people in the best manner.
KPT is situated 3KMS from Trichirapalli on the Karur Bye pass Road. The name now called is originated from "Kambaraya Chaturveda Mangalam". Once Kambanattar the great Tamil Poet was travelling down south and returning on his way back home had to stay at this village.During his stay, he found the village had eminent Vedic scholars who were chanting the four Vedas, preaching the Vedas and running the village schools. Seeing the profound expertise of them, he decided to conduct a Vedic Sadas (Conference on Vedas) at this place. From there on this village was called as Kambaraya Chaturveda Mangalam. Tracking back even before the above conference, the village name was "Aswatha Narayanapuram". The star for this village is Mrugashesham.
KPT is on the banks of River Cauvery with fresh air and pure water and a very fertile land for agriculture. Hence agriculture was the main occupation of the people back in the good old days. Now owing to the gross urbanization, people apart from agriculture are into all walks of Lifeā€¦ like Doctors, Engineers, Professors, and so on.
One of the most important, grand and pompous function celebrated in the village is the Radha Kalyanam. It is celebrated in the Agraharam during the Margazhi month (December to Januray timeframe).
This function is being celebrated for nearly a century and is done for the well-being of the village. Bhagavathar's from all walks, Like MS Subhalakshmi, Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj, Sri Vittal Das Maharaj have conducted the Radha Kalyanam.
It starts with the Astapadi Bhajan, The Divya Namam, Dolotsavam and the Radha Kalyanam on the next day. This is beauty to watch the marriage of the Lord Radhakrishnar with Radha, the Union of Jeevatma and Paramatma.
This concludes with Anjaneya Utsavam and the procession of the Lord in Kalyana kolam. All the households greet this couple with Arati when the Lord passes by their houses.
During the whole of Margazhi daily morning Bhajan are done in the village. The photo of the lord is one of the rarest Species we can see in the modern Era. The beauty is where ever we see the lord; we can feel that he is also seeing us.

(Places Around )
Temples of the village:-
Lord Shiva Temple (Dharmasamvarthani Sametha Kailasanathar)
At the Outset, Nithya Pooja (daily offering) of the diety is going on well without any hindrance. When we visit this temple, it is sure that we can put our worries at his footstep and come out with peace. Such is the sanctity and vibration of the temple. There are Vinayakar, Murugan, Navagraha and Dhakshinamurthy sannadhi in the temple.

Sri Vishalakshi Amman Temple
This temple is situated on the western side end of the village. Sri Vishalakshi is the Kaaval Deivam (Protector of the village) of the village. Nithya Pooja (daily offerings to the goddess) is performed.
This temple is recently renovated, consecrated and well maintained. The goddess is so powerful and will fulfill all the desires of the devotees. The third week of November every year a very grand Pooja is performed by the members of the south street .
Every year Vishalakshi Amman Festival is celebrated during the last week of March till First week of April. There is Kappu Kattu , Sapparam, Ther(Car Festival) and Kudhirai Vahanam celebration during this time.
It is believed to date that , if a person stays on the night in KPT during Kappu Kattu then He/she should come and worship the goddess during the Sapparam .(car Festival in Night) and this practice is alive till date.
This festival is celebrated by all the religion, caste and creed. During this time the village will be full of people in celebration mood. Lot of music, dance etc will be performed during this time.

Sri Muneeswaran Temple
This Lord is one of the Kaaval Deivam apart from Vishalakshi Amman. The Temple is located in between Agraharam and North street. Nithya Pooja is done for this temple. During the November and Mid of December, on one of the Sunday a grand Pooja is performed to this god as a thanks giving note for him as a Protector of the village and villagers.
There is a belief that people in and around this temple will not sleep keeping the legs on the northern side. Meaning the temple is on the northern side and the god is in the village, it is not respectable to the god to stretch our legs and sleep

North Street Vinayakar
There is a little Vinayakar in the north street and Nithya Pooja is done daily. A good temple where the villagers go and do Abhishekam on their own.
Ther Friday Pooja and during Ganesh Chadhrti special Pooja and prayers are offered to god.

South Street Mariamman
There is a Mahamayee (Mariamman) temple where Nithya Pooja is done and special prayers are offered daily.
During Friday and Third Sunday of November special Pooja and offerings are done to the Goddess.
The priest of this temple comes to the village to collect the rice, and other materials for the Nithya Pooja on every Tuesday and Friday of the week for all the respective temples. There is active participation of the village head in not only driving the village festive but all also ensuring people of the village are well taken care off.

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